Yesar Group is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development and application of transparent display technology. Its headquarter is located in Zhangjiang High Tech Park, Shanghai, China. The company has many R & D capabilities, respectively in the fields of imaging, holographic display, AR algorithm, artificial interaction and other core technologies, and innovative development of intelligent cockpit, entertainment display lamp and many application scenarios of intelligent display product system. With many awards, it has become leader in the industry. The company's holographic display products are widely used in car, display, entertainment, medical treatment, museum, elevator, public service, children's education and other scenes. People oriented is our core concept, and continuous innovation is our important driving force. Love and help each other. Ningbo Yesar Electronics mainly meets the demand of the production and supporting supply chain of the group's products, with a production area of 8,000 square meters and various quality system certification qualifications. We have all kinds of testing equipment to guarantee the quality of our products. Our partners are from the well-known enterprises in the world.


Vehicle-mounted intelligent driving system

Vehicle-mounted holographic display

Window media


AR-HUD is based on our core holographic projection display technology, which projects driving parameters and other information to 7.5-30 meters outside the windshield in front of the driver's line of sight in the form of images and characters. At present, we mainly focus on OEM front-end equipment, and have developed front mounted AR-HUD for major automobile manufacturers, and integrated intelligent driving applications such as ADAS.


Vehicle holographic touch display is a holographic imaging technology which uses the reconstruction of light field in the air, combined with human-computer interaction system and vehicle entertainment, to realize suspension imaging and touch interaction in the air. It supports the development of new interactive applications such as holographic central control and holographic entertainment.


Under the background of the widespread spread of coronavirus and the rapid global spread, the importance of public health has once again entered the public view. The contactless holographic equipment terminal developed by Yesar Technology is refitted according to the interface of the customer"s elevator platform without affecting the normal and safe operation of the elevator. The traditional elevator button is projected into the air for imaging, and combined with gesture sensor, it is directly operated in the air by touch. Cut off the physical media of virus transmission, avoid the risk of cross infection to the public, response quickly and without delay, in line with the general direction of public health construction and public anti epidemic behavior upgrading. In addition to the elevator industry, Banks, hospitals, government centers, new retail and so on all related to display control equipment.

-vehicle multimedia platform-

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The vehicle multimedia platform is based on LBS technology, which puts multimedia information on the side window or rear windshield of the vehicle to realize the mobile distribution of multimedia information by using the cloud broadcast system. The screen is clear and stable, with the visual distance of over 10m, and the visual time is the whole day.


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