Yesar Group is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the development and application of transparent display technology. Its headquarter is located in Zhangjiang High Tech Park, Shanghai, China. The company owns several key capabilities, including the fields of optical imaging, holographic display, AR programming, HMI etc., and has developed diversified display application like smarting driving system for intelligent cockpit, and holography multi-media display. With a leading capability, the company's holographic display products are widely used in vehicle holography smarting device, exhibition, entertainment display, medical device, museum, elevator, public service, kiosks, children's education etc.


Intelligent driving system

Holographic display

Vehicle window media


AR-HUD is based on our core optical projection display technology, which projects instrument information, navigation etc to 7-30 meters far outside the windshield in front of the driver, integrating ADAS and precise mapping based on AR programming and fusion. We have developed AR-HUD for major automobile makers.


Yesar owns key patents for holography technology and applications, which is a holographic imaging technology based on the reconstruction of light field in the air, combined with human-computer interaction system, to realize suspension imaging and contactless touch in the air. At present, we have developed several applications for vehicle holography entertainment device, holography media display device, holography elevator, holography kiosks etc. The contactless holographic equipment developed by Yesar is directly operated in the air by touchless, to avoid the risk of cross infection between the public, safe and sanitated.


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The vehicle multimedia platform is based on LBS technology, which puts multimedia information on the side window or rear windshield of the vehicle to realize the mobile distribution of multimedia information by using the cloud broadcast system. The visual screen is clear and stable, with the visual distance over 10 meters, and the visual time is for the whole day.


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